Excavation and Shaping


Sloping or uneven terrain can often severely limit your opportunities, fighting against the beautiful garden you have envisioned. Properly shaping the terrain can open up many more options in terms of the design and construction of your landscape, make maintenance easier and even increase the resale value of your property.


Our teams are trained and experienced in professional excavation and shaping techniques using a variety of machinery and will have your unruly terrain coming around in no time.




Well designed and constructed decking can enhance almost any garden but poor or shoddy workmanship can leave you with an ugly and costly mess. To ensure it is done right the first time you need the quality and reassurance that comes with experience and we can help you there.


At Tintuppa we have installed beautiful decking in almost every terrain imaginable. From harsh unyielding ground to silky sand that slips away at a touch. No matter what the challenge is we can handle it.




From pathways to stairs to poolside settings, precise and uniform or spontaneous and tactile. Paving comes in all shapes and sizes and our team have done it all. No matter what your paving needs are we have you covered.


Fencing and Retaining Walls


Many people believe that fencing is purely the territory of trade fencers but this is not the case. We are qualified and experienced in all manner of timber fencing and retaining walls. With us you will not only avoid the hassle of hiring a private contractor, but you will get a great result that suits and compliments the rest of your garden.


Stone Work


Artificial creek beds, stone gardens or pathways. There are many uses for stones and pebbles that can compliment and enhance you outdoor settings or garden beds. At Tintuppa we used all kinds of stonework to create beautiful and inspiring landscapes all across the Mornington Peninsula.


Feature Rock Work


Feature rocks can really set off almost any garden but the sheer size and weight of the rocks requires specialist equipment such as trucks, excavators, bobcats and even cranes to get them into place. An inexperienced operator in any of these machines can be disastrous. Our team are trained and experienced in using this type of machinery and have installed beautiful feature rocks all over the Mornington Peninsula.


Water Features


Looking for a truly unique garden? A custom water feature could be just the thing for you. Done well these feature pieces are the pride of any garden, but often require a range of skills and tools to accomplish a truly impressive result.


At Tintuppa we have designed and installed many beautiful water features to the delight of our clients and the envy of their neighbours.




Since Tintuppa was first founded irrigation has been one of our specialties. Not all plants are created equal, some need more water than others. For inexperienced landscapers this can be a challenge as providing enough water to one plant may damage or kill another next to it.


We have the knowledge and experience required to plan and construct the right system for your garden.




Designing a garden with lighting taken into account can yield some very unique and impressive results. Water feature lighting in particular creates an atmosphere that cant be beat however as you would expect there are challenges involved with potentially disastrous consequences.


At Tintuppa we can design and construct garden lighting that is beautiful, eye-catching and above all, safe.